Welcome Back: Section editorials

Volume 120 Board


Ready to learn about everything going on at HM? You’re in luck because the one man news section of The Record is entering this year with the goal of keeping it simple and reporting on what’s important. We are entering an era of no more fluff pieces and borefests. Writers will be better trained to dig for all important pieces of information concerning each event they cover so that you can be as informed as possible.

We want to cover all of the cool things that both current students and alumni are doing. Whether you founded a company, won an award, or wrote a book, we want to hear about it. Our goal is to write news for you and about you. Let’s make Volume 120 the best and most engaging year of news yet!

Looking forward to being your eyes and ears on campus,

– Zachary


Hi HM! 

We love the Opinions section because it sparks conversation among the student body, whether it be about relevant social issues or interesting experiences that everyone can learn from. We want our section to be engaging and exciting — that means hearing from diverse parts of the student body with a variety of viewpoints (not just juniors on the Record who want leadership positions).

This year, we plan to make the Record accessible while accurately representing life at HM. We’ll add a new “Record Hot Takes” box where students and faculty can submit short notes to the rest of the UD, and open a form that allows for people to submit op-ed ideas throughout the year. We hope to include and represent more of your voices, so contact us about any ideas you have (even if you don’t think it can be written into an entire article) and we will find a way to share your insights with the rest of the community — our inboxes are always open.

– Audrey and Sean


Hey HM! 

We can’t wait to unpack community debates and various aspects of our school’s culture in feature articles this year. Our goal as editors is to highlight the voices of the school community, exploring the topics at the top of everyone’s minds — in other words, we want to represent YOU and YOUR interests.

Want to know about the gender disparity in academics and athletics? Experiencing academic burnout? Interested in an investigation into how FLIK sources its food? Questioning how accessible our school is? Curious about how clubs choose leadership? Wondering why we have so much work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep an eye out for Volume 120’s Features section.

Through our articles, we plan to unpack issues and how they influence school life, like work culture, socioeconomics, race, gender, and more. Get excited! It’s going to be a great year.

– Ayesha and Vidhatrie

Arts & Entertainment

Welcome back HM!

We’re ready to take A&E to the next level. 

While we will cover all our performances and galleries this year, we also want to dig deeper into art at the school with topics like the art requirement, the history of steel drums at the school, and the costume department. Outside of school, topics we look forward to covering include micro-influencing, comedy, and concert culture. 

We also hope to amplify the voices of the entire school community through reviews. Wan  to dissect Taylor Swift’s new album? Who do you think Gabby and Rachel should end up with on the Bachelorette? What’s better: Marvel or DC? Country music: bop or flop?

Finally, we want to add other fun additions to the section like comics, a humor column, and games. Do you quit on the New York Times crossword because it gets too hard after Wednesday? We know we do. Check A&E to fulfill your crossword fix.

– Allison and Hannah 

Middle Division

Hi HM! 

We are so excited to introduce you all to the incredible efforts and accomplishments of the MD students and faculty. Consider us your window into life in the Middle Division! 

We hope to feature more of the unique voices of our MD students in the paper, as well as partner with them in the writing process of these articles. This initiative will not only allow the MD to be more involved in the Record, but it will also allow the UD to hear what they have to say.

We also plan to highlight events spearheaded by MD students, faculty, and parents. MD students: reach out to us with your events and projects so we can share them with the school community! We look forward to bringing you insightful articles about all that goes on in the MD and some recent changes that might surprise you. We love the MD!

– Celine and Rachel

Lions’ Den

What’s up everybody!?

I am pumped to introduce you to the new and improved Lions’ Den section. 

Whether you are a staff writer yet or not, let me know if you are interested in covering a specific sport! I would love to have you write a “beat” for that team: you will write about that team for the duration of the season, attend their games, and develop relationships with the players and coaches.

Also, please reach out if you are interested in writing for a brand new Lion’s Den sports opinion column, where you can share your opinion on a variety of sports-related topics, either at HM or in the world. 

I hope to make the sports section the most lively part of the paper. Vivid details from the final seconds of a game! A deep description of a memorable play! Readers will be sucked into the evocative story of the game and learn more about the team’s successes, failures, and future. There is no section you’ll want to read more!

– Max