Jaffe (11) founds babysitting and coaching service Teen Hampton


Audrey O’Mary and Emily Wang

This summer, Gabe Jaffe (11) founded Teen Hampton, a business that connects teenage sports coaches and babysitters to families in the Hamptons.

Jaffe was inspired to create Teen Hampton during the summer of 2020. He knew of many teenagers looking for summer jobs in the Hamptons as well as families wanting babysitters to keep their kids entertained and active, Jaffe said. “The number of young families and older teenagers who spent their summers there provided an opportunity to connect the supply and demand,” he said. “[Teen Hampton] creates a central marketplace so that parents could have the convenience, functionality, and transparency.”

The business is unique because it offers a unique dynamic between kids and babysitters, Jaffe said. Teens and kids have similar experiences due to their smaller age gap which eases conversation and connecting, he said.

Jaffe worked on his business model after school during his sophomore year, he said. He also worked as a busboy at a tennis club in the Hamptons the previous summer to fund his venture. 

When Jaffe began recruiting babysitters and coaches for Teen Hampton, he looked for teens who had prior experience, were attentive, and were genuinely looking to engage with kids, he said. The company offers an opportunity for teenagers to make money and learn what it is like to get paid for a service, Jaffe said. Each teen sets their own lesson rate which is typically competitive for the Hamptons, Jaffe said. 

Babysitting quickly became the most popular service offered by Teen Hampton, Jaffe said. “We were getting overbooked during the beginning and we had to accept more and more babysitters.” Clients were consistently satisfied with the service with over 90 percent booking a second time, Jaffe said. 

Teen Hampton’s services ended on Labor Day, but the company’s New York City branch, Teen NYC, will launch in early October, Jaffe said. The new branch will mainly offer tutoring and babysitting. 

Jaffe’s experience with Teen Hampton will help him make more informed decisions concerning the new branch, he said.. One idea he plans to implement for Teen NYC is an online booking system to improve ease of access for both clientele and employees.