Hot (Food) Takes


Divya Ponda (12) and Andrew Ogundimu (12)

Tendy Tuesdays NEED to be abolished. Chicken tenders should not be consumed on a weekly basis: they are bad for your health, and should not be an entree. 

Peter Yu (12)

Tendy tuesdays are good; the problem is no one knows how to eat it properly. Add some marinara and cheese and it’s amazing.

Sienna Tolani (9)

Tendy Tuesdays work with ketchup and honey mustard.

Nitika Subramanian (12)

I like ketchup and Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Maddie Yoon (12)

Mushy, NOT soggy, fries are better than crunchy ones. Mushy fries generally have more potato inside;

the crispy ones are mostly just the fried part.