​​Boys Varsity Soccer loses tight game to Hackley


Jacqueline Shih, Staff Writer

The Boys Varsity Soccer team lost 1-3 to Hackley at the hornet’s homecoming last friday. 

Heading into the match, the Lions were aware of the energy and pressure that Hackley fans would bring to the game, Logan Scharlatt (10) said.

The team prepared for the game knowing that Hackley is a very strong team — possibly the best in the Ivy Prep League, Alexandre Saint Sauveur (11) said. “The student section at the Hackley game definitely resembled ours during Homecoming.”

The student section had confetti, and was chanting and screaming the team’s names, Matthew Edelman (12) said. “It honestly was like nothing I had ever seen before.” The fans weren’t the only factor that made the game difficult — there were also a lot of yellow cards. The game was definitely aggressively played,” Edelman said.

The day before the game, the team had a “short lazy practice,” Edelman said. On Friday, they warmed up seriously and played a tense game, mainly as a result of the energy of the Hackley fans, Edelman said.

Hackley’s reputation as one of the most talented teams in the league definitely created tension leading up to the game. Hackley’s team was definitely fast. In fact, they were probably the fastest-paced team BVS played this season, ” Menya Obia (10) said.

Before the game, Max Ting (12) and Edelman gave inspiring speeches to motivate and hype up the team, Owen Stafford (12) said.

In the first half, the team’s plays were disorganized, which led them to a great  disadvantage at first, Scharlatt said. Hackley used their momentum against the team to really push their team to score, he said. Hackley scored the first goal and put pressure on the Lions. “The energy of the stands put a lot of pressure on Hackley’s team, but it did affect us as well,” Scharlatt added.

The Lions made their first goal with Leo Courbe (12). “It was one of the coolest shots I’ve ever seen — the ball went top right into the goal,” Edelman said.

At first, the team managed to keep up with Hackley’s fast pace. In fact, at the last minute of the first half, the Lions followed by only one goal. The team thought that it could be a close game and that they were still in a good position to win, Sauveur said. “However, we lost our energy after the third goal at the very end of the first half.”

In the second half, the team dynamic started to change. “We got kind of sloppy and Hackley dominated play,” Stafford said. “We definitely could have beaten them.” 

Hackley’s gaping lead discouraged the HM Lions, however the team’s coach, Coach Quilty successfully motivated the team and kept the energy up for the players. During the game, Quilty reminded the players of the opportunity to play under the field lights, explaining that he never got to play soccer under the lights when he was younger so the team should appreciate that opportunity, Edelman said.

One major factor that contributed to the Lion’s loss was how Hackley created and took advantage of numerous chances to score, Stafford said. “We did not have as many chances to score, and on the chances we did have, we did not capitalize on them,” Stafford said. “We gave it our all, but they were just the better team that day.”

The team was disappointed because it was their first loss and the game ended late at night, but they were not demoralized, Sauveur said. “It’s still the very beginning of the season, and one loss is not going to mess it up.”