New Faculty: Laura Weinstein

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New Faculty: Laura Weinstein

Tenzin Sherpa, Staff Writer

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Dr. Laura Weinstein joins the History Department this year. Weinstein began teaching in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison while she earned her PHD. She primarily teaches US History, but has also taught courses in World history.

She previously taught at Dwight-Englewood, where she was also the advisor for Model UN.

In class, Weinstein finds that keeping the class informal “helps everyone to learn better,” she said. She likes to incorporate comedy into her classes, and really likes to stress social equality in lessons.

“Dr. Weinstein comes to HM with a great deal of passion for the study of history and an interest in engaging our students using seminar-style learning that is so fundamental in history classes,” history department chair Dr. Daniel Link said.

When she visited the school and taught a class, Link thought she was very knowledgeable about the material students were studying and she interacted with the students in a way that elicited a robust class discussion, he said.

Weinstein also engaged members of the department in thoughtful discussions about her teaching philosophy, her research interests, and her love of history, Link said.

Weinstein used to be a punk rock DJ. She plays punk music in class whenever she can, she said. “I love the music and I love the look on students’ faces when they find out that their teacher used to be a mosh pit girl,” she said.

Weinstein’s pastimes include playing tennis, online gaming, and knitting. Her favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls and her favorite movie is Bull Durham.

“We’re eager for her to bring that enthusiasm and mastery of her subject areas to our classroom and school,” Link said.