Lions’ Den Editorial


Max Chasin

Horace Mann athletics are vastly underappreciated.

Each day, after hours of solving calculus problem sets, analyzing Toni Morrison readings, and transcribing chemical formulas, student athletes persevere through physical fatigue and mental exhaustion to train for the sports they love. Whether running miles through the back hills of Van Cortlandt Park, swimming thousands of meters in the bone chilling Jeffrey H. Loria Family Aquatic Center pool, or grinding through another set of full field sprints on the soccer pitch, athletes push themselves to extremes to improve, all the while encouraging their teammates to do the same.

Often, few spectators show up to watch the battles between our Lions’ and their opposition, be it the Fieldston Tigers, Hackley Hornets, or whatever other team stands in their way. I can speak from experience — water polo games don’t pack the stands full of fans, and many days, I can count our viewers on one hand (mostly the parents of students on the team).

Playing a water polo game in front of a crowd is like nothing else I’ve experienced in my life. The cheers of bustling fans over the roar of splashing waves and shrill whistles is exhilarating, and the crowd erupting when we score a goal provides immeasurable happiness. Each cheer gives me that extra boost to push through my exhaustion during a crucial moment of the game –– it’s like a free shot of adrenaline!

Homecoming is the long-awaited opportunity for an athlete to showcase the hard work they’ve put into their craft for a — hopefully — large crowd. Families, friends, and alumni come and show support to the teams, and, along with the food, performances, and carnival activities, the atmosphere is electric. I’ll never forget the Water Polo team’s Homecoming battle in 2019 (my freshman year) against Fieldston; the packed stands and festivity made for an unforgettable experience. 

Before such a widely loved event, what better place to present our support and appreciation for school athletes and teams than in The Record! This week’s issue will cover all nine Varsity teams competing at Homecoming, detailing the results of their season thus far and their preparation in anticipation for Saturday. We hope to be where you can go to see the hard work each and every athlete has dedicated to improving their skills, and get excited for the most beloved day of sports this year.

Wear your maroon and white and come out to cheer on our athletes tomorrow at Homecoming — check the back cover of this issue for the full schedule of all the sporting events. GO LIONS!!!