Homecoming: Girls Varsity Soccer


Jacqueline Shih , Staff Writer

After a tough loss against Riverdale at last year’s Homecoming,the Girls Varsity Soccer (GVS) team is eager for a win tomorrow. Contradicting their high hopes at preseason, the team began the season with a rough start and lost several games by only one or two goals, Maddie Offit (10) said. 

The team will go into tomorrow’s game with a more focused mindset and play harder than they did last Homecoming, Hannah Moss (12) said. They plan to use their accumulated skills from practice to defeat Riverdale.

Despite their 2-4 record, GVS coach Tim Sullivan is proud of the team’s performance in their games, he said. “I expected to win more games, but we have had to deal with a lot of injuries and a bit of bad luck. However, we definitely have been playing much better than our record shows.” 

Many starters have been injured so far, including offensive player Jane Offit (11) and defensive player Christine Tao (11). “There is a huge difference without our players as it disrupts our rhythm that we develop during practice and games,” Lexi Gordon (10) said.

Sullivan is disappointed in the team’s current position but said that their success will grow over the season as players return from injury. Despite the setbacks, the team’s defense has been very strong, he said. Defensive players, Gordon, Madison Mitchell (10), and Hannah Bodner (10) have all stood out to him. 

One area they have improved on is mental and physical stamina, Mitchell said. After the opposing team scores a goal, the team sometimes loses their focus and hope, which leads to losses, she said. The team is working towards their goal by improving their fitness and concentration to stay aggressive and maintain their lead throughout the whole game, Mitchell said.

The team has prepared for this game by sharpening their field vision, connecting passes, and adapting to their fellow players, Offit said.

When the team is spread out on the field, they must be able to connect passes and score goals, Gordon said. The team has also been working on transitioning the ball from the back line to the front, and being able to finish up top, she said. 

The team has practiced shooting, heading the ball during corner kicks, and making free kicks during practice, Moss said. “Communication on the field and making an effort to win 50/50 balls will also help us immensely later on in the season.”

Last Homecoming, the players were too frantic and nervous for the game since a lot of their starters were freshmen, Offit said. However, now that the freshmen are sophomores and have experienced one year of Varsity play, they are prepared, she said. Going into their game, the team is motivated by Riverdale’s bad sportsmanship last year, Offit said. “After beating us at homecoming, they lacked a little bit of respect.”


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