Homecoming: Girls Varsity Tennis

Audrey O’Mary, Staff Writer

The Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team (GVT) started off their season with four wins in the Ivy Preparatory League and one loss against Hackley. Tomorrow, they plan to defeat Riverdale at Homecoming.

The team is ranked second in the league and players aim to win the league and do well in the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS), team member Emma Chang (10) said.

The team has grown closer as the season progressed, Coach Rawlins Troop P’21 said. “As much as tennis can be an individual sport, it’s really important in highschool to have a team concept because you score by team,” he said. Troop has been coaching the team for around 20 years, and he is very proud of this year’s team thus far.

GVT’s match against Poly Prep was particularly exciting because the overall score was tied 2-2 at one point, Troop said. The match was eventually won by the second doubles’ team, which is composed of Chang and Sammi Strasser (12).

Riverdale is a longtime rival of the school and the team, and it will be a tough match for the team as a whole, but he is confident in the team’s abilities, Troop said.

Chang was on the Junior Varsity (JV) team last year, and by comparison Varsity feels considerably higher stakes because everyone is so committed, she said. But, with the increased stakes comes a stronger sense of community, she said, “There’s generally really solid team chemistry among us.”

The team consists of players from all four grades of the school and they have formed a pretty cohesive unit over the past month, Troop said. “[The] seniors have stepped up to the plate, and have really been leaders,” he said. 

Although some tennis players in the Upper Division choose not to join the team on the advice of their personal coaches, the team is still very strong and doing well, he said. The number one singles player this year is Diya Chawla (10), and she has been a real asset to the team. There are also several freshmen on the team who have also been doing well, Troop said.