Homecoming: Girls Varsity Field Hockey


Oliver Konopko, Staff Writer

Girls Varsity Field Hockey is set to play Riverdale on Alumni Field tomorrow at 1:00 pm. Last year, the team won during Riverdale’s homecoming, and they hope to extend their streak on Saturday, Sydney Kurtz (9) said.

The team began their season 0-3 against two of the best teams they will see all year, Hackley and King, Girls Varsity Field Hockey Coach Caroline Surhoff said. Those games gave a lot of experience to newer players and set the tone for the season, she said. “It’s good to be challenged, to learn how to pick yourself up and to encourage each other.”

Last year, Piper Wallace ‘22 was a strong goalie and Jhanaie Ottey ‘22 was a strong defender, Surhoff said. Since they graduated, the team has been working to build up a strong defense, she said. 

In addition to building up the team’s defense this season, the team is also improving their ball movement, Surhoff said. They are working on ways to score the ball, especially by working the ball through the middle of the field and passing laterally to open players, she said. This tactic forces the opposing goalie to move around a lot and hopefully get the team a better shot when the goalie is off-centered. Also, the team tries to get the ball to Maddie Yoon (12) and Maya Westra (12) so they play in the circle, she said.

The team is currently missing some of its starting players due to injuries, so Surhoff has been experimenting with different lineups, she said. She is trying to solidify a starting lineup so players can become comfortable with each other and really learn their positions, she said.  

Surhoff is particularly proud of the effort that the midfielders, such as Ava Parento (9), Kurtz, and Zoe Turtletaub (10), have shown this season, she said. “There is blood sweat and tears every game, just giving it their all, and I think that’s been the heart of our team,” she said.

Goalie Melissa Migdon (11) has also been crucial for the team not only because of her play in goal, but also because her energy has uplifted the team, Surhoff said. In their game against Hackley on September 16, Migdon made 28 saves.

To prepare for the game, the team watched old game film on Thursday in order to understand what they need to do for Homecoming, Yoon said. The team had a regular practice on Friday to make sure everyone is ready for the game, Migdon said.

Besides practice, the team will be doing two main things in preparation for the game: team spirit and the pep rally, Yoon said. The seniors choose what costumes the team will be wearing for team spirit and no one else on the team knows what they’ll be wearing until they get to school on Friday, Yoon said. After spending the whole day in costume, there is a pep rally on the field, which the team is very excited about, Migdon said.

To prepare on homecoming day, the team will have breakfast together at school and then go to the field to warm up as a team, Kurtz said. She looks forward to playing in the game, especially after watching it last year, before she joined the high school team.

Homecoming increases the odds of the team winning their game on Saturday, Yoon said. She does not feel extra pressure to play against Riverdale and continue HM’s win streak against them. “I think it’s like any other game, except for the fact that it’s homecoming.” 


This is the list of players and their positions

Zoe Turteltaub #1 Center Mid

Eliana Romero # 2 Forward

Madlyn Yoon #4 Forward/Mid

Hannah Katzke #6 Forward

Sophie Pietrzak #7 Sweeper

Vivian Coraci #8 Mid

Naomi Gelfer #9 Back

Daniella Herman #12 Forward

Sydney Kurtz #13 Mid

Morgan Bart #14 Forward/Mid

Alessandra Agopian #16 Back

Ava Parento #17 Mid

Arin Rosen #19 Back

Tess Goldberg #21 Forward

Dylan Leftt #23 Mid

Maya Westra #24 Center/Forward 

Chloe Ludwig #26 Forward

JoJo Mignone #30 Center Back

Eliana Son #33 Forward

Melissa Migdon #36 Goal Keeper

Annika Bhandari #39 Defense

Emily Tarlowe #42 Defense

Julia Eizenstat #45 Defense

Eve Steinman #47 Mid