Hot (Sports) Takes

Avi Kumar (12)

The Eagles are the best football team. No question.

Ana Aguilar (12)

Dance is a sport that requires more skill than most other popular sports

Divya Ponda (12)

We should be able to pick intensity of sports in PE — there should be an option to sign up for a super sporty PE vs. a chill one.

Eshan Mehere (12)

Patrick Mahomes is the most talented athlete ever — and will retire as the most decorated. Mahomes has been off the charts in every single performance metric possible. There has been quite literally zero historical precedence for his level of play.

Steve Yang (12)

Roger Federer is the GOAT. 

Moe Lawsky (12)

The Steelers are the best football team.

Josh Winiarsky (12)

Daniel Jones is a Top 10 quarterback