“Science Olympiad” wins CC Dodgeball Brawl 


Harper Rosenberg , Staff Writer

This Monday, the Community Council (CC) hosted the Dodgeball Brawl finals, a tournament that took place throughout November and ended with the winning team “Science Olympiad.”

While looking for more ways to get the CC involved in planning fun student events, CC co-chair Jake Ziman (12) discovered the school’s decade old tradition of running a dodgeball tournament before the Buzzell basketball game between the school and Riverdale. “We opened [the tournament] up to the high school to get as many people involved as possible,” Ziman said. “I just love the energy that we were able to generate.”

With a final turnout of 170 players across 13 teams, Ziman was happy to see everyone so excited. “It’s the same we see with Project X and the spikeball tournament, where people just love to compete,” he said. 

The finals match was a high-intensity game, Ziman said. The semi-finals match was even more interesting because the score was so close, he said. “There was one player who took out six or seven people on the other side in a row.”

“We’re really a passionate team — we wanted to win with both our drive and passion,” a member of semi-finalist team “Balls of Fury,” Ovie Ayanruoh (11) said.

“Balls of Fury” members Lenny Lane (11) and Ayanruoh brought attention to foul play that occurred during the semifinals match, costing them the game; the opposing team went out of bounds onto their team’s side of the court, Lane said. Additionally, people on the sidelines laughed at the team. “It was actually motivating, giving us determination and perseverance,” Ayanruoh said.

Although “Balls of Fury” did not succeed, they look forward to winning the championship next time, Lane said.

The winner of the finals was “Science Olympiad.” “Their primary prize is bragging rights, and they seemed pretty excited. We’re currently figuring out a reward for the team,” Ziman said.

Ziman was happy to see everyone enjoying the game while playing, accepting when they lost, and celebrating, he said. He organized the tournament with CC members and their advisors, Upper Division (UD) Dean of Students Michael Dalo, Registrar Chris Garrison, UD Psychologist Dr. Ian Pervil, and Head Librarian Melissa Kazan. These staff members set up rounds, judged games, and sorted out logistical issues. “It was really an all hands on deck effort,” Ziman said.

After speaking with Physical Education Chair Robert Annunziata, Ziman figured out when the gym was available, gathered equipment, and designed a schedule, Dalo said. “I have to be honest, I think Jake and other CC members handled everything. I was just overseeing and approving,” Dalo said.

The CC is considering having another dodgeball tournament along with a volleyball game before the Buzzell Games in February and April, Ziman said. “Anything is on the table, and of course, we’re always open to student suggestions,” he said. On Thursday, CC held a meeting to have a follow up conversation. Dalo believes the CC is not sure if they have time to fit another tournament in because Trashketball, Project X, and spikeball will be starting soon, he said.