Rule changes in the World Cup 2022


Amir Berengut, Contributing Writer

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is underway in Qatar, and there are important rules that have changed from prior years. First, the team squads have increased in size from 23 to 26 players. Only 23 can be called up to play on game day, so three still miss out. This roster increase allows for backup players to substitute for players who get COVID in a full lineup. Because of the larger number of players, teams now have five substitutions per game that must occur in three windows. This means that five players can be brought on, but only in three windows. Second, new offside technology has been implemented where cameras track the ball and players. This will hopefully shorten the time required to make offside calls, leading to less stoppage time. Last but not least, there are finally female referees! This is amazing because female referees will officiate matches, a huge step towards increased female participation in soccer, and sports as a whole.