The importance of football in Brazilian Culture


Julia Lourenco, Staff Writer

Brazil has the best soccer team in the world. But this isn’t something that is just accomplished due to the skill of the players; it is also reliant on the enthusiasm of their fans. Growing up in Brazil, I realized that soccer, to us, isn’t just a game you have in the background: it is an integral part of our culture. 

Ever since I was younger, soccer matches have been a bonding experience with family and friends; every time our favorite team had a game, my family and I would gather around the TV. When it was time for events like the Copa do Brasil, or Brazilian Cup, everyone was on the edge of their seat, waiting to see which team would be deemed victorious.

Choosing which soccer team to cheer for is notorious for being an important milestone in a young Brazilian’s life. I follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and represent the Rio de Janeiro based club, Vasco da Gama. This rivalry between soccer clubs runs deep in countries like England or Spain as well, but none seem to be quite as grand as in Brazil due to none other than our ever-lasting commitment to our players as fans.

Fans are very protective of their team’s victories, but when it’s time for the World Cup, it seems like all of Brazil comes together as one to fight for our country. We all set aside our differences and cheer tirelessly until we win the entire Cup. No other team in the world seems to have as many cheers, elaborate costumes, and  passion as we do. Our constant victories fuel our devotion to our teams, creating an eternal loop of success for Brazil in soccer.