Refresh your playlist with: Metropopolis


Harper Rosenberg , Staff Writer

The “hipster version of pop music,” metropopolis sounds like everything you’ve ever heard and nothing you’ve ever heard at the same time.

Much of this genre uses computers to record and arrange sounds from electronic instruments and synths. Utilizing production interfaces, such as Logic and Pro Tools, metropopolis artists create tones that cannot be generated with classic guitars, pianos, and other acoustic instruments. The singers of the genre openly use vocal autotune, championing sounds that are blatantly technologically.

Spotify coined the term in 2014, heralded by artists like Charli XCX, Bleachers, St. Vincent,  Blood Orange, Sky Ferreira, and Grimes — one of my top streamed artists. Her unique hyperpop sounds like a futuristic-experimental-melancholia amalgamation, conjuring an image of what a “metropopolis” truly entails.

Metropopolis hyper-modern sound hints at current social and cultural climates. It’s perfect for listening on a city highway, surrounded by bright lights and metallic sounds, a soundtrack for poor urban planning and harms of the anthropocene.