Nature Photography by Glenn Smith & Emilie Wolf

GREAT BLUE HERON, November 22 – Taken at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia.

RED TAILED FOX, October 22 – Taken at Blauvelt State Park in New York.

SHARP SHINNED HAWK, October 22 – Taken along the Hudson River in New Jersey.

ORION OVER MAPLE TREE, October 20 – The 8th graders rose right before day break for their backpacking trip and were treated to a great view of orion.

NOCTURNAL STALKER, October 18 – Spotted during the 8th graders night compass hike. Spider eyes glow bluish under the beam of a headlamp which allows you to find them in the dark.

BRODY POND, September 21 – Buttonbush nutlets drying in the fall sun around Brody pond. This native shrub showcases gorgeous white pom pom like flowers in late summer.