Varsity Wrestling ends year with big win, defeats Trinity 40-24 


Oliver Guyer  , Contributing writer

On the Wednesday before winter break, the Wrestling Team defeated Trinity by a large margin of 40-24 in their first duel meet of the season. 

“The team was pretty confident and not very nervous going into the meet since we beat Trinity every year,” team Captain Lucas Borini (12) said. “But, since it was the first real meet of the season, there was a bit of pressure.”

The team recently lost a close meet to Hackley, who they have not lost to in a while, Head Coach Gregg Quilty said. Thankfully, they performed well and proceeded to win some key matches to ensure they did not repeat the loss against Trinity. 

Before every wrestling meet, players must weigh in at their respective weight classes, which determines who you wrestle on the other team to ensure a fair match. It is advantageous to be at the heavier end of your weight class because you might weigh slightly more than your opponent which gives you an edge. 

Carson Eisner (10) had to cut weight to make his 134 lb weight class for this meet. “We don’t just lose fat,” he said, “we usually do something called water loading.” Water loading means drinking a lot of water for a few days then drinking very little so the body flushes out a lot of the water’s weight.

Some of the team’s wrestlers were sick and unable to participate in the meet, which lost the Lions points, James Kapadia (10) said. Trinity is a small team so they often have to forfeit six weight classes since they don’t have enough wrestlers in them. This works to the Lions’ advantage. However, due to the absent players, they only forfeited four.

Nico Caraballo (11) won his first match — he knew the opposing wrestler from last year and was prepared, Caraballo said. “I spent time in practice preparing specifically for his technique, and the work paid off when we wrestled.” 

Alexander James (9) had a huge win early in the match, which took a lot of the pressure from being down four starters due to illnesses off his teammates, Quilty said. “It was a long and hard-fought match. James was able to get a pin, which gave the team six more points.”

Those matches, along with a few team alumni — Elias Romero ‘21 and Miles Schamroth ‘21 — who were at the meet, hyped the team up and gave them more motivation. “The alumni being there was really a high point of the match,” Caraballo said. “After the meet, we all put on Santa hats and took pictures with them, which was a great moment for the team.”

For the future, the biggest thing the team needs to work on is having confidence in themselves, Borini said. “We’re a young team, and for a lot of us it’s the first real season that’s completely Covid-free.”

The entire team also needs to consistently attend practice, he said. “More people than last year are skipping practices,” he said. “As captain, it’s my responsibility to make sure that people go to them.”

Practice is the best way for the team to improve, Kapadia said. “Since we have a lot of newer wrestlers like myself, it’s important we show up every day,” he said. “I’m not the best wrestler on the team, but I show up every day to be the best wrestler I can be.”