Refresh your playlist with: Country


Allison Markman , Staff Writer

Despite my New York heritage, songs with banjos and lyrics about pick up trucks are my jam! While I might be at school each day, my heart rests in Nashville — the center of country music. Nothing entertains me like looking up at the towering skyscrapers while listening to the soft plucking of an Appalachian dulcimer.

Country music is gravely underappreciated at the school, and I’m here to highlight some of its best works. Think of everyone screaming to “Sweet Home Alabama” but also bus rides home from school after a long day, unwinding with Dan and Shay’s “Tequila” in your air pods. 

For those new to the genre, I would start with the Lukes: Luke Combs and Luke Bryan. Some of my favorite songs of theirs include “When it Rains it Pours,” a cheerful tune about becoming lucky, and “Refrigerator Door,” a slower song about nostalgia. To Combs, the fridge door represents his childhood memories displayed in pictures, drawings, and magnets. If you’re hungry for more, I suggest “Play it Again,” “Shotgun,” and “One Big Country Song.” 

 I don’t know how I got hooked on country, but I’m grateful I did. While we are all consumed by homework, tests, and extracurriculars, my favorite country music playlist reminds me to relax and appreciate the positives within each day.