A look into Unity Week workshops


Modern Antisemitism Through the Example of Kanye West

Hosted by Ariela Weber (11), Ariella Frommer (11), Harper Rosenberg (11), Michelle Orloff (11), Gabe Jaffe (11)

We wanted to host a workshop on antisemitism because we felt that it is a subject that is not talked about enough in school and is not a sufficient part of our curriculum. Because we, going to school and living in a community with a large Jewish population, do not experience antisemitism often or even at all, I hope people realize that it is a problem that exists prominently. One conversation we had was around censorship of the media and the first amendment. Most people said that the media should be censored because it consists of private companies, but there isn’t a clear line of what to censor. 

– Ariella Frommer (11)


Exploring Identity through Poetry

Hosted by Poetry Out Loud leaders Louise Kim (12), Kira Lewis (10), Emily Wang (10)

Time and time again, poets have expressed aspects of their identity in complex, human, and beautiful ways. We wanted to share some of our favorite examples of poems centered around the poet’s identity with more students so they can understand — and practice — poetry as a means of sharing one’s identity. We hope attendees will deepen their understanding of what “identity” means to them and how they can express that through language. We also hope that the workshop serves as an opportunity for participants to reflect on their identity by writing their own poetry, taking inspiration from the poems we will share and discuss.

– Louise Kim (12)


Sumi-e Ink: Discovering Identity through Simplicity in Nature

Hosted by visual art teachers Emily Lombardo and Brian Lee

Many magical moments took place spontaneously within the workshop. We ask the guests to first practice mark making on scrap paper until they feel they are ready for the final. The subject of their painting was nature (bamboo forest). Many guests were hesitant to move onto the final paper because they wanted it to be “perfect” BUT! They took the risk and were pleased with the results. This art form can take many years, even a lifetime to master. The results of a 50 minute workshop was inspiring.

– Art teacher Brian Lee

ACT UP: Ending AIDS Crisis and Beyond / Hosted by science teacher Dr. E. Jane Wesely
How is Gender Constructed?: Analyzing Disney’s Mulan / Hosted by Seminar in Literary Studies
Representations of Identity in Various Forms of Media / Hosted by psychologist Dr. Ian Pervil’s Seminar on Identity class
Men’s Mental Health / Hosted by science teacher Lauren McGinty’s Seminar on Identity class