Snow or no Snow, Varsity Ski Team is Ready to Go

Sammy Matays , Staff Writer

“Despite the fact that most of our time is spent doing things that are not skiing, we are brought together by our excitement about the sport,” Zachary Kurtz (12) said. 

The Varsity Ski Team consists of 29 students. There is enough snow for the team to practice at Thunder Ridge Mountain in Brewster, New York around twice a week, but not enough for the team to race. As a result, they have not yet been able to compete yet this season. Varsity Ski Team Coach Rawlins Troop hopes that future weeks will yield more snow so the team can race.

Dryland practices — in which the team goes to Four Acres rather than skiing on the mountain — consist of dynamic stretches, running, and core work, Troop said. When it is too cold to practice outside, the team goes to the school’s fitness center to use the bikes, treadmills, and sometimes weights. When the weather allows it, the team travels to Thunder Ridge Mountain so the skiers can practice racing on the courses, he said. 

The team took a trip to Killington, Vermont in December, which was a great chance to bond, Anna Kim (9) said. “Getting to hang out with people I don’t generally talk to was a really great experience.” 

Establishing good connections is crucial to creating a cohesive and successful team, Ariella Frommer (11) said. “One of my goals is to have a more bonded team because we have a lot of new people this year.” 

The team consists of students from all four grades and gives racers the opportunity to get to know other students, Francesca Finzi (9) said. Finzi has made a lot of new friends on the team this year, she said.

Teamwork across grades is crucial to improving members’ skills, Alec Jackson (11) said. “The best way to improve as a team is for the seniors and juniors to help guide the younger kids and teach them about ski racing.” 

Frommer is excited to race for the school again, he said. “I wouldn’t have had the chance to continue my passion without the school ski team.”

This season is Kurtz’s last, so he wants to make the most of his time on the team. “I really want to get out there and have fun,” he said. “One of my goals is to have a team that enjoys being around each other.”

Given the ski team’s successes in previous years, Troop is confident that when they begin to race this season, they will do very well.