New faces can’t compare to the legends


Julia Lourenco , Staff Writer

The Australian Open has proven to be a humbling moment for the so-called new generation of tennis legends — namely, former champions Taylor Fritz and Emma Raducanu. 

Fritz, a 25-year-old American currently ranked eighth in men’s singles, was defeated by the Australian Alexei Popyrin, ranked 90th, in the second round. Fritz has never won a Grand Slam, but began a promising career after defeating tennis legend Rafael Nadal at the 2022 Indian Wells Masters. 

After 20-year-old Brit Raducanu won the US Open in 2021, consistent losses dropped her to 77th place on the tour. Raducanu, like Fritz, was also eliminated in her second round match.

Both of these players are one-hit wonders  –– they had the potential to be #1, but crumbled under the pressure. Fritz and Raducanu have switched coaches multiple times since going pro –– likely creating inconsistencies in their training schedules. In comparison, Nadal switched coaches only three times over the past 19 years. These players seem to care more about maintaining their slipping titles for celebrity status, influences on social media and TV, rather than perfecting their athletic abilities.

Fritz and Raducanu lack consistency and drive compared to legends like Nadal or even 19-year-old Carlos Alcaraz. Fritz and Raducanu’s lack of focus and desire for fame and glory led to their tennis careers going astray. With this lack of dedication, they will never be able to match the players of the past.