Overheard @ Project X


Collected by Volume 120 juniors.

  • “He was waiting in the boys bathroom to get me today.”
  • “She broke her spoon — that’s how hard she hit my back.”
  • “I stalked her on Saturn to find her classes.” (Saturn is a new social media app.)
  • “I got out 10 seconds after they sent the email :(“
  • “I have a broken spoon in my bag, to remind me to do better next time”
  • “I’m going to pretend I have to interview my target for The Record.” (It didn’t work.)
  • “I will pay people off to get [my target’s] schedule. $1 now, $5 after I get him.” 
  • “My target has a twin. That’s cheating.”
  • “My spoon has a concealed carry permit.” (A teacher, in response) “It’s like a shiv in a prison shower… ready to strike.”
  • (to the person trying to kill him) “20 bucks you leave me alone. And when I win we’ll  split the prize.”
  • “I started crying when someone got me out because I was taking the game that seriously.”
  • “Thank god I got out. Now I can actually breathe.