Catching a case of senioritis? Four seniors weigh in


Vivian Coraci

Jorge Orvañanos, Staff Writer

Divya Ponda

After the end of the first semester I found myself slumping a lot, due to academic burnout. Because the school is so academically intense and everybody is very motivated, at some point people are bound to kind of max out. And they’re now at that point. Senior year is really the peak of that academic pressure because of the combination of the college process, balancing classes, and also social pressure. I also don’t think that senior slumping is necessarily a bad thing because the school culture could become a little bit more relaxed and people need a break because the first quarter was just constant pressure. Now I’ve been making time every weekend, or at least every Friday, which I didn’t let myself do before.

Steve Yang

There’s less pressure, allowing me to focus more on the learning aspect of it. I still try to do as best as I can, but now it’s more about trying my best instead of meeting some threshold, however arbitrary. I haven’t left HM just yet! The environment as a whole is less of a pressure cooker, but I really think everyone’s still active in class and still responding to the teachers. Our school probably has less of a senior-slumping problem than other schools because everyone really wants to learn and is dedicated to the “Life of the Mind.” And since we have so much latitude to choose our senior year classes, I think people have chosen classes that they’re truly interested in. I’m trying to not slump, but I’ve been seeking to slow down a bit, focus more on my well-being, and spend time with friends and family.

Ayaan de Silva

I used to think, “I have to get a good grade in every class.” But now I’m like, “you know what? I’m okay with like, an A- or a B+.” I’m not sure how many people in some of my classes are even doing the homework anymore. The fact that everyone kind of slumps when they don’t have to work anymore shows how people are just motivated for grades.  Especially when people get into college, everyone relaxes a little bit. Not trying whatsoever is disrespectful to teachers, so you have to still put in some effort. But it’s natural to ease back a little bit, now that the pressure is off.

Devika Gehlaut

I’ve got a real case of senioritis, and I do support the slump. It started after I submitted my college application. A lot of seniors are in the same boat because we had a lot of work and we were overwhelmed with writing so many essays for college, and now we’re all saying “I’m so done and I’m ready for the spring.” I’m actually loving the senior slump. It’s well deserved for all seniors to be able to enjoy our last semester after we’ve all done so much work over our high school careers.