Girls Varsity Lacrosse perseveres in face of 2-17 loss


Aryan Palla/Photo Director

Zach Hornfeld, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, the Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team (GVL) faced Hackley on Four Acres, suffering a loss of 2-17. Earlier in the season, the team also played against Hackley, losing 5-18.

Although Hackley had some dangerous players, goaltender Mary Wang (12) was able to make many strong saves, Vivian Coraci (11) said. However, looking back, the team could have slowed the ball down to keep ball possession, she said. “Coach Panarelli told us to think through all our plays, be careful with the ball, and not do anything too risky.”

Recently, GVL coaches began implementing strategies to counter Hackley’s approach, specifically running 3 versus 2s in practice, Lola Stern (11) said. “This usually gives you an offensive advantage. It’s to challenge our defense, because that’s a big part of the game, but it’s also allowing our offense to learn how to handle the ball,” she said.

“We’ve been going up against some tough teams, and communicating more on the field would help us play better,” player Sydney Kurtz (9) said. Rather than running the ball up the field alone, Kurtz hoped players would help each other, she said. Still, she knows all members try their hardest to win.

In addition to utilizing teamwork, players can develop individual strategies to help themselves play to the best of their abilities, Kurtz said. Kurtz makes a strong effort to maintain her focus and be an asset for the team, both during games and in practice, she said. “I try my best to be open, call for passes, and try to be helpful on the field.”

Stern also utilized strategies to prepare herself for the match, she said. “I got a lot of sleep, and practiced as much as I could,” she said.

Kurtz scored one of the Lions’ two goals after moving through Hackley’s defense on a penalty shot. Coraci made the team’s other goal off of a crease roll by dodging her defender and coming around the goal for a shot. 

Despite the loss, there were many admirable moments in the game, GVL Coach Keri Panarelli said. “I was proud of a lot of plays. People stepped up offensively because we have an injured player.” Although the team has a lot to work on, they have a lot of potential, she said. “If they put in the work, it will be a positive experience.”