Student art and poetry showcase

Garden of Eden- Erianne Flores 

Birthed from your rib, 

crafted by the broken part of you

so all you saw was broken.

Something that needed to be fixed 

and you always liked a challenge.

thought you were all that ‘cause you were God’s right-hand man.


So you took me under your wing,

called me your wife

gave me the illusion of choice

to name the birds in the sky. 

meanwhile, you were gossiping with the man up high.


Did you ever see me as equal?

or did you forget you were born from the dust?

on the last day of creation, you weren’t even a must.

Do you forget that in the end, the story is really about us?

Not you.

not me


And how we got kicked out of this mess,

banished from the garden.

yet it’s my seed that’ll be punished,

the taxing task of constantly being harassed by that damned snake.

I ate the fruit first,

but you’re the one who followed in pursuit.

I was never broken

you’re the one missing a rib.

maybe some missing brain cells too.


Garden of Eden

ever thought about the name? 

Eve and Adam…kinda reminds you of us?

co-owners of the place 

yet we were both banished.

despite being pissed off at you Adam

I think I’m more pissed off at the duo of the lamb and the snake. 


maybe I am a little broken, but it definitely was not a mistake.


moss forest – Louise Kim

the slanted oaken tree trunks are varnished with a strong light


that would perhaps seem to shimmer

if the sun shone t the right angle— 

alas, it is always dark

here in the deep rugged forest,

here in the lichenous garden.

Sermon on the mount 

And i am the breeze that always listens.


a moss forest, a forest of moss

a moss forest, forest of moss

moss-forest, forest-of-moss

forest-moss, forest-moss. 


Kristy Xie, Class of 24: Plate
Kristy Xie, Class of 24: Vase


David Aaron, Class of 24 Photo #1
David Aaron, Class of 24 Photo #2: Evergreen Gaze