Lions Roar into the playoffs: Boys Volleyball


Diya Chawla, Staff Writer

Despite having some difficulties at the beginning of the season, the Boys Volleyball team hit their stride during the middle of the season, Zach Goodman (12) said. They ended up finishing their season with a bang, winning nine games and losing four. On Saturday, they will compete in the NYSAIS championships against St.Ann’s where they are seeded second out of eight teams. 

 Although the team recently lost the NYCAL finals, they persevered through all of their games no matter the score, Goodman said. “I’m most proud of the fight that the team has,” he said. “There have been many moments where we could have given up, but we were able to keep fighting through tough games.”

Goodman believes that Boys Varsity Volleyball Coach Jason Torres played an important role in the team’s success, helping a lot with their growth, he said. “His drills in practice have really helped us go on the run this season, and he was a big part of our team’s wins.” 

Team member Gabe Jaffe (11) is also proud of the team’s ability to make a comeback. They were able to win some games when they were two sets down which showed their determination, Jaffe said.

Based on the team’s ability to get through very difficult matches and improve very quickly throughout games and the team’s second place victory last season, David Aaron (11) is optimistic that they’ll be able to come out strong with a win, he said. “It’s extraordinary that our team has been able to adapt so quickly in games, and we’re all hoping to bring it home this year,” he said. 

From the beginning of the season, Torres has seen incredible improvement amongst each player, he said. “There are years when teams don’t improve, but this year, the team has gradually gotten better from day one.”

Dylan Montbach (10) is looking forward to playing at the state championships and show everything that they’ve learned throughout the season in their final matches, he said. “The playoffs are a time to show that we are the best team in the league and that we are capable of winning,” he said. Montbach is excited to bond as a team over the final moments of the season, and hopefully win a few more matches before the year is over, he said.