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Founded in 1903, The Record is Horace Mann School’s award-winning weekly student newspaper. We publish every Friday of the academic year, offering news, features, arts, commentary and sports coverage relevant to the school community. The newspaper is committed to serving as an open forum for Horace Mann’s students, families, alumni, faculty and staff.

Led by an editorial board of seniors in Horace Mann’s Upper Division, The Record has a staff totaling over 70 students. We have opportunities for both middle schoolers and high schoolers with a wide range of interests, including writing, reporting, photography, layout, art and web design.

The Record encourages letters from its readers as part of its commitment to an open and ongoing conversation. To be considered for publication in the next issue, letters should be submitted by mail (The Record, 231 West 246th Street, Bronx, NY 10471) or email ( before 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening. All submissions must be signed and should refer to a Record article. Letters may be edited for grammar, style, length and clarity.

For all comments, queries, story suggestions, complaints and corrections, or for information about joining or subscribing, please contact us by email at or see our full editorial policy here. 

Volume 117 Editorial Board (2019-2020)

Julia Robbins | Editor in Chief
Mayanka Dhingra | Managing Editor                                     Jude Herwitz | Issues Editor
Amelia Fenier, Madison Li, Sam Keimweiss & Simon Yang | News
Victor Dmitrov & Abigail Salzhauer | Opinions
Nelson Gaillard, Gabby Kepnes &  Kiara Royer | Features
Nishtha Sharma, Eddie Jin & Eliza Poster | Arts & Entertainment
Ben Wang & Isabella Zhang | Middle Division
Darius McCullough, Mark Fernandez, Ranya Sareen & Andrew Cassino | Lions’ Den
Euwan Kim & Reena Ye | Design Editors
Griffin Smith, Ahaan Palla & Jake Shapiro | Photography Editors
Annabelle Chan, Gabrielle Fischberg & Katya Arutyunyan | Art Directors
Mr. David Berenson | Faculty Adviser


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