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Founded in 1903, The Record is Horace Mann School’s award-winning weekly student newspaper. We publish approximately 30 times during the academic year, offering news, features, opinions, arts, Middle Division, and sports coverage relevant to the school community. The Record serves as a public forum to provide the community with information, entertainment, and an outlet for various viewpoints.

Led by a 23-member editorial board, The Record has a staff totaling over 70 students. We have opportunities for high schoolers with a wide range of interests, including writing, reporting, photography, and art and web design. This year, the executive board is as follows: 


Editor-in-Chief: Emily Sun

Managing Editor: Emily Salzhauer


News Editor: Zachary Kurtz

Features Editors: Vidhatrie Keetha, Ayesha Sen

Opinion Editors: Sean Lee, Audrey Carbonell

Arts and Entertainment Editors: Hannah Katzke, Allison Markman

Middle Division Editors: Celine Kiriscioglu, Rachel Baez

Lions’ Den Editor: Max Chasin


Head of Design: Avani Khora

Design Editors: Alana Yilmaz, Arin Rosen, Sophie Pietrzak

Art Directors: Amira Dossani, Sophia Liu, Vivian Coraci

Photo Directors: Sam Siegel, Aryan Palla, Ben Rafal

Online Editor: Emily Grant


Faculty Advisory: David Berenson


The Record is praised and critiqued by national scholastic journalism organizations; participates in workshops on writing, editing, and leadership; and consults regularly with its faculty adviser to ensure that it meets the highest standards for writing, reporting, and ethics. The Record maintains membership in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. 

As a student publication, the contents of The Record are the views and work of the students and do not necessarily represent those of the faculty or administration of the Horace Mann School. Horace Mann School is not responsible for the accuracy and contents of The Record and is not liable for any claims based on the contents or views expressed therein.

  • Editorials: All editorial decisions regarding content, grammar, and layout are made by the senior editorial board. The unsigned editorial represents the opinion of the majority of the board.
  • Opinions: Opinion columns represent the viewpoint of the author and not of The Record or the school. We encourage students, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents to submit opinions by emailing
  • Letters: Letters to the editor often respond to editorials, articles, and opinions pieces, allowing The Record to uphold its commitment to open discourse within the school community. They too represent the opinion of the author and not of The Record or the school. To be considered for publication in the next issue, letters should be submitted by mail (The Record, 231 West 246th Street, Bronx, NY 10471) or email ( before 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening. All submissions must be signed.

The Record normally prints 500 to 1,000 copies of each issue. Copies are provided free of charge at various distribution sites on campus. For information on subscriptions, please see

For all tips, comments, queries, story suggestions, complaints and corrections, please contact us by email at

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