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Volume 115 editorial policy

The Record is published weekly by the students of Horace Mann School during the academic year. Founded in 1903, the newspaper has been established as a public forum to provide the community with information and entertainment, as well as various viewpoints in the forms of editorials and opinion columns.

Editorials: All editorial decisions regarding content, grammar and layout are made by the senior editorial board. The unsigned editorial represents the opinion of the majority of the editorial board. Opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of The Record or the editorial board.

Note: As a student publication, the contents of The Record are the views and work of the students and do not necessarily represent those of the faculty or administration of the Horace Mann School. The Horace Mann School is not responsible for the accuracy and contents of The Record, and is not liable for any claims based on the contents or views expressed therein.

Letters: The Record encourages letters from its readers as part of its commitment to an open forum. To be considered for publication in the next issue, letters should be submitted by mail (The Record, 231 West 246th Street, Bronx, NY 10471) or e-mail ( before 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening. All submissions must be signed and should refer to a Record article. Letters may be edited for grammar, style, length and clarity.

Obituaries: In the case of the death or deaths of current or recently graduated students or current staff, The Recordwill cover the death with an obituary. This article will be journalistically written with an emphasis on the person’s life and, if timely, give details about the funeral service and/or contribution details.

Distribution: The Record regularly prints 1000 copies of each issue. Copies are provided free of charge at various distribution sites around campus. Subscriptions to recieve a weekly paper copy of The Record in the mail cost $40, and a check can be mailed to The Record and mailed to the Horace Mann School along with a note containing your preffered address. You can also recieve a digital copy of The Record every week by subscribing HERE.

Membership: The Record is critiqued by national scholastic journalism organizations, participates in workshops on writing, editing, and leadership, and consults regularly with its faculty adviser to ensure that it meets the highest standards for reporting and ethics. The Record maintains membership in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association.

Contact Us: For all comments, queries, story suggestions, complaints and corrections, or for information about joining or subscribing, please contact us by email at

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