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A professor’s path: Dr. Wallenfang

Liliana Greyf, Staff Writer

May 20, 2019

In second grade, after attending a job fair, Dean of Faculty and Biology teacher Dr. Matthew Wallenfang decided that teaching was his passion. “My mom used to say that I have always loved to explain things to people, so I think that it is something that came almost instinctively to me,” Wallenfang...

A professor’s path: Dr. Ladd

Yesh Nikam, Contributing Writer

May 20, 2019

Very rarely is a high school student fortunate enough have a teacher who brings experience not only from overseas, but also from higher educational institutions. Dr. Cornelie Ladd brings both to her classics classes here at Horace Mann. Ladd was first introduced to the classics as a child, when she studied Latin ...

A professor’s path: Dr. Hubschman

Emily Shi, Staff Writer

May 20, 2019

“I’ve always felt drawn to teaching others, regardless of the institution,” Upper Division Math teacher Dr. Linda Hubschman said. When Hubschman was in high school, she taught flute lessons to younger students. It was those lessons that drew her to teaching, she said. After receiving her PhD i...

Meme groups HM students love: Sad Bois Class of 2023

Talia Winiarsky, Staff Writer

May 20, 2019

In the wake of disappointment, students who were did not get into their early decision college found solace in each other…and in memes. The Facebook group, dubbed “Sad Bois 2023,” was created by Josh Benson (12) with the purpose of providing support to those who had not been accepted to their ...

Meme groups HM students love: Dogspotting

Claire Goldberg, Staff Writer

May 20, 2019

Members of the Facebook group Dogspotting are pawsitively in for a treat. Every day, 1.3 million members of the Facebook group Dogspotting post, like, and share pictures and videos of adorable dog “spottings”. The criteria for a post consists of an image or video of an dog unknown to the photogra...

Meme groups HM students love: Kosher memes for good Jewish teens

Claire Goldberg, Staff Writer

May 20, 2019

Eliza Bender (11), Gloria Khafif (12), and Jude Herwitz (11) partnered together to cook up a new meme page, Kosher style. Kosher Memes for Good Jewish Teens is a Facebook group originally created as a joke three years ago by a group of HM students to form a community of “wholesome memes for Jewis...

Meme groups HM students love: subtle asian dating

Talia Winiarsky, Staff Writer

May 20, 2019

The Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits” frequently discusses K-pop, bubble tea, anime, and other relatable topics for Asian Facebook users. In the group, 1.34 million people with many differences, including age, language, and location, are united by their Asian heritage. The group has at leas...

Even if the shoe fits, sell it

Julia Goldberg, Rowan Mally, Bradley Bennett, Walker McCarthy, Lauren Ho, and Patrick Stinebaugh

May 16, 2019

“It’s crazy to see the hype around a specific shoe or brand nowadays,” Ethan Irushalmi (10) said. “Every brand has their own app, and to get their shoes you have to reserve them on the app, go to their stores and wait on line, or just know people.” Recently, brands have gained great influe...

From Mentees to Mentors: Teachers’ Tales

Julia Robbins, Staff Writer

May 3, 2019

Chidi Asoluka “I never wanted to be a teacher,” English teacher Chidi Asoluka said. “I pitied teachers. I pitied their job. I knew that a lot of my classmates didn’t read or do the homework.” It only took one job interview to change the entire trajectory of his life. Asoluka grew up in New Jer...

Class Size

Julia Goldberg, Liliana Greyf, and Marina Kazarian

April 29, 2019

From 8:25 to 3:15, classrooms around the school are teeming with students working, learning, and growing. However, sometimes these classrooms are not so full. In fact, the school’s average class size is only 13 students, Registrar Chris Garrison said. “Typically the smallest classes tend to be hig...

Lipseys on ice: the Kenya Ice Lions

Lipseys on ice: the Kenya Ice Lions

April 12, 2019

In the US, The National Hockey League (NHL) is the fourth most-watched sport; in Kenya, there is only a single ice rink. So when lifelong hockey players Ricky (9) and Timmy (4) Lipsey travelled to Nairobi in March to visit its sole team, the Ice Lions, they brought not only donations, but also their...

Spring Breakers: Paradise Island

Eddie Jin, Julia Robbins, and Talia Winiarsky

March 16, 2019

“Close your eyes. Imagine you’re in PI, standing on a bar and you have a belly,” Lily* overheard a senior saying in the library. This senior was referring to body image concerns in advance of the notorious Spring Break trip to the Bahamas. The trip is popular for its lack of adult supervision, a ...

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