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Students develop leadership skills in HM Lead

Ayesha Sen and Sophia Liu January 8, 2021

In HM Lead, the Middle Division (MD) student government program, students work on projects that serve the interests of their peers while also exercising their leadership skills, MD history teacher and...

Six words of gratitude: A new MD initiative

Clementine Bondor and Lucas Glickman January 8, 2021

This month, students in the Middle Division (MD) described, in only six words, that for which they were grateful. Head of the Middle Division Javaid Khan, who organized the project, was inspired by a similar...

Unruly queen: Ellen Wang’s (8) chess journey

Unruly queen: Ellen Wang’s (8) chess journey

Alex Lautin, Ben Rafal, and Sam Stern December 18, 2020

Ellen Wang (8) earned the title Woman FIDE Master (WFM) in 2017 after winning the North American Youth Chess Championship that year. Wang, now one of the top 50,000 chess players worldwide, is proud of...

Never giving up: Lukas Frangenberg (8) tennis journey

Never giving up: Lukas Frangenberg (8) tennis journey

Emily Sun, Staff Writer December 11, 2020

Just minutes into Lukas Frangenberg (8)’s first tennis tournament at age 10, he was losing 4-0. “I was crying on the court because I was so upset,” he said.  Frangenberg was nervous, but at the...

UD Art History students host art history talk online

Etta Singer, Contributing Writer December 11, 2020

On Tuesday and Friday, juniors and seniors taking the advanced art history course “What Is A Masterpiece?” ran a virtual art history assembly for eighth graders in place of their annual field trip...

Advice from your MD peers for HM Online 2.0

December 3, 2020

“Social distancing isn't social; it's just physical. Don't be afraid to call your friends, and keep in touch!”   “Use blue light glasses! They help with the drowsiness from staring at...

MD faculty form White Affinity Group

Hanna Hornfeld, Editor in Chief December 3, 2020

The Middle Division (MD) Faculty White Affinity Group met twice over the summer and had its first of five meetings of this school year on November 18, Louise Parms and Dr. Christina Nichols, the group’s...

Seventh grader threatened in anonymous texts after testing positive for COVID

Katya Tolunsky and JP Eliopoulos November 20, 2020

After a Middle Division (MD) student who tested positive for COVID-19 received threatening messages from an unknown phone number, Head of Middle Division Javaid Khan reminded students at last Thursday's...

Khan brings Restorative Practice program to MD

Claire Goldberg, News Editor November 14, 2020

Middle Division (MD) faculty members have started to adopt Restorative Practices (RP) 2.0, a program that aims to foster a healthy learning environment and build relationships between members of a community,...

Emerging electors: MD students politics

Emerging electors: MD students’ politics

Claire Goldberg, Lawson Wright, and Kate Beckler November 8, 2020

MD Students Reveal the Roots of their Political BeliefsIn a recent Record poll, 69% of the 176 Middle Division (MD) students who participated in the poll said that they share the same political beliefs...

Eighth grade attends Dorr on campus

Eighth grade attends Dorr on campus

Liliana Greyf, Mia Calzolaio, and Jillian Lee October 23, 2020

Instead of packing bags and boarding buses for the traditional eight-day eighth grade trip to the John Dorr Nature Laboratory, this year’s Class of 2025 is doing Beauty and Order right from Alumni Field.  Each...

Exploring journalism and literature in the Middle Division: MD Readers Forum

Arushi Talwar and Jade Ciriello October 15, 2020

“I had never really seen students get so invested in a book before,” Middle Division (MD) Library Department Chair Rachael Ricker said in reference to the MD Readers Forum. “There’s always a lot...

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